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Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) Level1 Certificate

20090121064116TRIZ is the acronym for Theory of preventive problem solving which is the widely acclaimed and globally accepted technique for innovation. This is an algorithmic approach to solving technical problem developed by the Russian engineer and scientist Genrick Altschuller after studying thousands of patents and identifying patterns. The theory is based on the belief that inventiveness and creativity can be learned and includes a practical methodology, tool sets, knowledge base and model based technology for generating new ideas and solutions for problem solving. It presents a systematic approach for analysing the challenging problems where inventiveness is needed and provides a range of strategies and tools for finding inventive solutions.

The central purpose of TRIZ-based solutions is to systematically apply the strategies and tools to find superior solutions that overcome the need for a compromise or trade-off between the two elements.

Duration: 10 Days



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