ISO 27001

Achieve ISO 27001 ISMS compliance or certification

In today’s business environment, information is the lifeblood for any organization. Increasingly, organizations and their information systems are exposed to security threats from a wide range of sources, including computer assisted fraud, espionage, essayforme prices sabotage, vandalism, fire or flood. Computer viruses, hacking and denial of service attacks have become more common and increasingly sophisticated.

Achieving ISO 27001 significantly minimizes the risk and mitigates the organization against internal human error or misdemeanor.

Successful ISMS compliance and certification requires a methodical approach, careful consideration of scope and a thorough understanding of your information security needs. As one of the pioneers in ISO27001 Certification in India, backed by a team of Certifications having sound knowledge and experience of business management systems, Focus ISO Certification. is well placed to advise you on the steps required to ensure that your information security practices conform to those identified in the Standard.

What is information security?

Information security is the protection of information to ensure:

Confidentiality : ensuring that the information is accessible only to those authorized to access it.

Integrity : ensuring that the information is accurate and complete and that the information is not modified without authorization.

Availability : ensuring that the information is accessible to authorized users when required. Information security is achieved by applying a suitable set of controls (policies, processes, procedures, organizational structures, and software and hardware functions).

What is an ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS) ?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a management system based on a systematic business risk approach, to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and improve information security. It is an organizational approach to information security. ISO/IEC 27001 (BS 7799) is a standard for information security that focuses on an organization’s ISMS.

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Why Select Focus ISO Certification. as your ISO 27001:2005 ISMS Certification Partner?

We have strong team of experts having huge international experience and exposure in ISO 27001:2005 ISMS Certification, implementation and training.

Certifications at Focus ISO are technical and management graduates/post graduates, ISO 9000 Lead Auditors and ISO 27001 Lead Auditors . With diversified knowledgebase, we can provide highly optimal solutions to your information security management system requirements.

Our Certifications have extensive invaluable hands-on experience of working under various roles and capacities in IT industry. They offer practical and pragmatic solutions.

Achieving ISO 27001 with Focus ISO Certification.

Focus ISO offers expert Certification services for effective implementation of ISO27001.

Project Scoping: Properly scoping a ISO27001 project is an essential first step in any compliance initiative. Our Certifications help you identify the business processes critical to your organization and which would be best targeted for initial compliance to the world-wide recognized Standard.

Gaps Identification: Gap analysis is the next step where our Certifications develop a comprehensive report identifying the work required to become compliant as well as an action plan that includes prioritized actions for security improvement.

Risk Assessment: Risk assessment is a mandatory component of ISO27001 and we’ll help you analyze the levels of information security risk inherent in your business processes. Assessments can be performed.

Process Improvement: Our Certifications provide whatever level of support you need to implement the required security improvements and are able to suggest practical solutions in each of the different areas of the Standard.

Preparing for Certification: Our Certifications will explain both the benefits and the relatively minor, additional costs involved in certification. Focus ISO can prepare you for certification and help you implement any final changes necessary to your ISMS. Finally, we can assist during the audit process itself by dealing with a certification body on your behalf and addressing any audit observations that arise.

Steps for implementing ISO 27001 :2005

  1.  Define an information security policy
  2.  Define scope of the information security management system
  3.  Perform a security risk assessment
  4.  Manage the identified risk
  5.  Select controls to be implemented and applied
  6.  Prepare an SoA (a “statement of applicability”).



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