API publishes lots of technical standards which help organizations to improve their efficiency and cost effectiveness of the operations. It also complies with statutory and regulatory requirements, safeguard health and safety for environment.

Some technical standards released by API for your reference:

  • API 610 - specification for centrifugal pumps,
  • API 675 - specification for controlled volume positive displacement pumps,
  • API 677 - standard for gear units
  • API 682 - specification for mechanical seals.

API also defines and drafts standards for measurement of manufactured products such as:

  • Precision thread gauges
  • Plain plug and ring gauges
  • Thread measuring systems
  • Metrology and industrial supplies
  • Measuring instruments
  • Custom gauges
  • Precision machining and grinding
  • ISO 17025 registered calibration

API also released lots of technical standards for electrical products.